In 2012 my dear friend asked if I would take photos for the birth of her daughter who had a poor prenatal diagnosis of a severe heart disease. Vivian's heroic parents faced the unknowns with tears, laughter, positivity, prayer, and unwavering faith. Witnessing this birth left me forever impacted by the power of God's grace and presence in that room. Vivian met her Maker after a vivacious 59 days with us on Earth, and I knew from that day on I wanted to work with pregnant women in some capacity. (Thank you, Vivs!)

Almost 5 years later, that desire was deepened when I gave birth to my own daughter. When expecting a baby, it can become overwhelming with all of the information, stories, and advice given about what to expect from birth and parenting. I listened to many experiences, and common underlying themes I observed included birth plans being busted, disappointment running deep, and a "it is what it is" attitude that just didn't sit well with me.  Birthing a human into the world is no small feat, and I wanted to feel empowered when I looked back on our story. Being physically healthy was very important, but I also chose to prepare for labor with an emphasis on my mental and spiritual preparation, as I knew this birth was going to be so much more than just a physical feat.

After a long and difficult posterior labor, Emma Lucia was born on May 25th, a Wednesday evening where the sky was still blue and the birds were surely singing. All of Heaven and Earth was!  A NEW LIFE!  Lungs screaming to greet us from a newborn daughter who suddenly burst open a part of our hearts we never knew existed. As soon as her head laid on my chest, I knew there was a part of me that was born because of her, and that little girl continues to be a tremendous light guiding me through this life.

I looked at all of the nurses around me and asked with complete sincerity, "Why don't people talk about this kind of birth?! Why doesn't every woman get to feel like this after having a baby?!" I was so taken aback by how powerful my experience was. The seed to serve women in labor took roots in that moment, and I will always dedicate this work to the two girls who inspired it most.

I asked my Midwife what I could do to help women better prepare for birth, and she suggested I look into becoming a labor doula. YES! Coach women physically, mentally, and spiritually for the most rewarding marathon they'll ever run? Sign me up! I slowly paced my way through the certification process as I continued to raise and extend our family at home. 

“The most extraordinary thing in the world is an ordinary man and an ordinary woman and their ordinary children.”

I'm a certified Doula through CAPPA, but my most impactful education were the labors and births of my own three children in 2016, 2018, and 2020. With each experience, my husband has been an incredible force of strength in the seconds I needed him most. I consider the birth of our children some of the most sacred moments in our marriage. This is why I'm very intentional about elevating the men I work with. I'm committed to helping fathers support their partner and step into their irreplaceable role in a way a doula never could. I'm equally committed to protecting the mother's deepest desires for birth as her doula, and will do whatever I can to help bring her baby into the world surrounded by peace.

Each birth I've been able to witness has left me inspired to give my best to birth work. It's a true joy to make it my job in helping families remain calm, hopeful, and confident as they open their hearts and homes to a new soul.

St. Vivian - pray for us and watch over all pregnant women.

G.K. Chesterton


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