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Hello, and welcome!
I'm Angela, the heart and hands behind Guiding Light Labor and Photography. I'm a certified doula, wife to a really good man, and mother to three cute kids whose lives fuel my fire.

It is my privilege to walk alongside expectant families as they prepare for labor, birth, and parenthood. I work in partnership with their medical providers and promote a peace-filled experience, regardless of delivery type.

I mentor both the mother and father in how to create a calming atmosphere by teaching a blend of physical, spiritual, and mental practices leading up to birth.

My passion is to educate, advocate, and encourage women of every background, every story, and every planned or unplanned pregnancy. I believe each mother and baby deserve to be fully supported and celebrated, because every human life is precious.

It is the life within you that will be your guiding light in this story, and I am extremely honored to be invited along to help you turn its pages.

"Angela was such an integral part of my birth team. She helped us in huge ways, showing my husband how to physically support me during contractions, working hand in hand with my nurses and doctor, helping me advocate for certain preferences, repeating helpful phrases during transition, and ultimately helping us have a beautiful unmedicated
birth, which was my goal! You cannot go wrong having Angela's calming and encouraging presence at your birth."

Katelyn T.

rick t.

"Angela's knowledge is incredible, and she is the best at what she does. Her services allowed both my wife and I to focus on what was truly valuable during one of the most important moments of our lives. What I loved about her most is that she was able to help me play a greater role in the birth of my child, and made sure our nurses and delivery team followed our plan. As long as we continue to have children, we will always use Angela as our Doula."

maria N.

Even though I was having my 7th child, each pregnancy and delivery is unique, with various unknowns. It was tremendous consolation and strength to go into labor feeling surrounded with complete emotional and mental support.
I was going in with a whole new tool kit and way of looking at childbirth. Before and during labor, I went back over and over the words and scripts that Angela gave to me. Her skills of being highly intuitive, with an incredible ability to care and coach through the most vulnerable time was invaluable. It guided my outlook on childbirth and made the experience positive and life giving. 

virtual support

anna l.

"I can honestly say that without the physical and emotional support of Angela, I would not have been able to endure the posterior labor that I had. Her knowledge, advocacy, and calm strength were an incredible support during a time when we needed it most."


"The peace, calm, and confidence that Angela brought to my wife and I was an experience that I will never forget. Being a first-time dad, I had no idea what to expect or how to truly support my wife in the ways that she would need. Angela guided me to give just the right support. I thought it would be strange to have someone else with us the whole time, but it was so natural, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Angela is a rockstar and a champ, and I wholeheartedly wish we still lived in Georgia to have her by our side for our future children."

eileen d.

"When Angela arrived at the hospital, my husband and I both felt a calmness enter the room. Her ability to understand where I was physically and emotionally throughout my labor was remarkable. She aided us in the most perfect natural laboring experience that we could have dreamt of."